Why Choose Us

Why does Home Care Experts, Inc. strive hard to serve the needs of our clients?

We have become more of healthcare providers.  We have become leaders in this in industry.  And as being a leader, you must be a true follower to your patients, the definition serving has. Providing healthcare programs have been our goal from the start. But we have felt that through the years, we can do more, we can produce greater impacts.  And that is the prime motivator of us serving people.

Why does Home Care Experts, Inc. stand out from competitors in the same industry?

If you are looking for healthcare programs, you can always tap any of the accredited healthcare agencies. But when you are looking for the dependable and highly reliable services, then you have Home Care Experts, Inc. as one you should be working with.

We excel because we are able to:

  • Have all our programs accredited and certified by CHAP
  • Renew our certification every three years
  • Obtain above satisfactory rating from our previous years’ reviews and service assessments
  • Send some of our staff and medical personnel to symposiums and talks of technological and medical advancements
  • Train and develop all our staff through various capability building seminars
  • Compete with other emerging agencies through improving our healthcare programs
  • Obtain medical equipments that can aid service delivery

Let us know how we can help you.  Please call us anytime – (586) 751-2775 or (877) 751-2776.