Skilled Nursing

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Skilled nursing right at home can be the best and soothing care one should enjoy as it sums up quality home care.  Clinical procedures administered in the place where we are most comfortable give us the results we are hoping for.  With professionals ready to take on the task, your skilled nursing experience will be at its height.

At Home Care Experts, Inc., skilled nursing is up to another level of delivering not just the quality care we are after but the compassionate and professional services you need. Through our comprehensive assessment and review of the patient’s general health, we will be able to work on for the suitable care plan for you.  Included in the care plans are IV therapies, catheter care and change, wound care and dressing, medication administration, anticoagulation monitoring, diabetic care, vital signs monitoring, injections and infusion therapy, pulmonary care, orthopedics, and pain and disease management.  Our nurses can also provide educational activities like patient care participation for family members or non-medical personnel. Our skilled nurses work well in the administration of other non-professional staff at home.

Managing, observing, and evaluating care at home are the important pointers we should remind ourselves for. And these are only done by Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.