Orthopedic Program

At Home Care Experts, we are committed to support orthopedic surgeons with the highest quality.

Once the patient is home after surgery, a physical therapist or nurse will visit the patient and complete
a comprehensive patient assessment. This will also include a home safety assessment to ensure they have a safe and organized environment in which to recover.

They will also provide you with the information booklet regarding your relevant surgeries
e.g. Total Hip Replacement or Total Knee Replacement.


Therapist will start the first visit and will continue as is appropriate and indicated by the physician. Various aspects of the patient’s improvement will be recorded and reported to the physician for care plan oversight.

This information will include:
-Range of motion
-Ambulation/Weight Bearing Ability
-Management of Pain

Our Physical Therapists are experienced in providing the following care:
1 – Total Knee Replacement
2 – Total Hip Replacement
3 – Hand Surgery
4 – Foot and Ankle Surgery

So, please call us today at 1-877-751-2776 and ask us about our Orthopedic Program.