Diabetic Teaching

The Disease

Diabetes is a condition in which the patient’s level of glucose in the blood (called “blood sugar”) is too high. Normally, the body gets the energy it needs from blood sugar, which comes from food. Having diabetes means the body is not able to use blood sugar properly. The result is that blood sugar builds up in the blood instead of going into the body and being used for energy.

There are two types of diabetes:


The body’s pancreas (a gland) makes little or no insulin. Insulin is required in order to help the body’s cells use blood sugar properly. In Type I diabetes, the patient needs insulin shots once or more times daily, as well as proper diet and exercise, to stay healthy.


The pancreas makes some insulin, but either it is not enough or the cells do not use it properly. Some patients with Type II diabetes can control their disease with proper diet and exercise. Others need insulin injections or pills, as well as proper diet and exercise.

It is not known what causes diabetes. Some research has shown that it may be inherited (both types). Type II diabetes can also be caused by being overweight, inactive, and over forty years of age. Type II diabetes is a greater risk for persons with African, Native American, or Hispanic ancestors. It is also thought that certain viruses can damage the pancreas and cause Type I diabetes.

Anyone, at any age, can get diabetes. Generally, Type I occurs in children and young adults, and the symptoms usually come on suddenly. Type II diabetes usually occurs in older adults, and has a more gradual onset. Type II diabetes is more common; but both types are lifelong diseases without a cure. However, with lifestyle management and medical treatment, the diabetic patient can live a healthy and active life.

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